Lelan is a Wild One!

20170427_143953It has been a couple of weeks since our son’s birthday and we’re still reeling from the excitement of it. We decided to celebrate this special day with our most dear family and friends in North Carolina. It was a way for all of us to be together and it worked out better than we had imagined it.

The day started out very early for our little guy with a special ceremony, Ayush Homam.

Homams are Pujas (religious ceremony) performed for a particular deity by invoking Agni, the god of fire. The Sun is considered as the main source of energy, and fire is considered as a representation of the Sun’s energy. According to the ancient texts on Homams, any offer to Fire as a god, is actually an offer to Sun. Any such offer is done either to enrich energy or to destroy the undesirable elements in the environment, and thus, in both ways, environment is protected. Like Pujas, Homams are also believed to be one of the greatest ritual in Hindu religion. The word Ayusha means Age. The Ayusha homam is performed by learned Pandit for long life and removal of obstacles. The Ayusha homam is done to worship the god of life. By doing this homam, one gets long life blessings from Ayur Devata.

Lelan sat through most of the ceremony thanks to the snacks in my dad’s pocket. He was particularly fascinated with the voice of the pandit performing the puja. My mom bought him a cute outfit which he changed into later. The best part was that she also bought his cousin Madden a matching outfit and the two of them were as cute as can be!


Following the ceremony, we headed back to my sister’s house to set up for the party. Lelan was exhausted from the travel and took one of the longest naps he’s ever taken- a whopping 3 hours- which gave us plenty of time to set up. As our family and friends started to trickle in, the excitement was undeniable. Since Lelan has been obsessed with his teepee at home, my sister bought one for him especially for the party. The minute he saw it filled with balloons, he started beaming. He had so much fun chasing balloons across the room. Thankfully, none of them burst in his hands. My family took care of ordering all the food and decorations for the occasion. All we had to do was show up with our baby boy and enjoy the festivities, making it absolutely stress-free.


After about an hour of mingling, it was time for cake! Lelan had no trouble figuring out what he was supposed to do. Even before the birthday song was over, he was digging into that thing like a pro. His sweet cousin Johanna came over to help him but he was having none of it. haha! I was able to find a special bakery that makes a darn good sugar-free cake and had zero guilt about our son going to town with it!


My only regret of the day is not having a group photo with my entire family, but there were so many unforgettable moments throughout the day that more than make up for it.



We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day of our family! It was one of the happiest days of my life!

Happy birthday, sweet Lelan! You are so loved by so many people! Here’s to many, many, many more!!!

Baby Lelan- 11 Months! 

My little angel, 

You are almost a year old! You are almost walking and talking. You are transforming into a little boy right in front of my eyes and it’s been a real treat to watch. I can’t tell you where this year went, but I can tell you for certain that your dad and I have grown exponentially, along with you. We’re a fully functioning family unit and better humans because of you. 

You’re the happiest child I’ve ever met. I hope you never change who you are. You have finally found your voice. You let us know when something doesn’t suit you. You grunt and whine when you don’t get your way. You laugh heartily and babble constantly. You sing. You coo. You are just the coolest baby ever! Yet for a baby, you’re extremely reasonable at times. I find myself talking to you like an adult and you listen. When you work yourself up into a tizzy, I let you cry until you feel better and count to 3 and most of the time you stop crying. Sometimes, you are not ready to calm down and that’s okay too. The crying never bothers me because it’s not an everyday thing. I will always encourage you to express yourself. But, at the same time I want to help you learn to control your emotions, a lesson I didn’t learn until much later in life. 

You love to bounce, my little Tigger! Whether on your knees or holding on to something, lately that’s all you’ve been doing. You also love kicking a soccer ball. You get hysterical when we play with you and the sound of your laughter fills the entire house! You walk with a walker. You live musical toys. You’re always banging on things and creating beats. I wonder if you’ll be a drummer, like your papa? You are still really into books! We read to you every day and you have been responding amaziny! You know the words to all the books we read. You even know all the gestures and sounds. You’ve been mimicking everything we say, lately…  

We’ve transitioned you to 1 nap and it’s been working out great. You sleep through the night and take a 2hr nap in the middle of the day usually between 11-1pm. You eat 3 solid meals a day and we’re working on weaning you off formula. You insist on feeding yourself! You used to eat with your hands but since last week you’ve been trying with a spoon. You’re not a picky eater but if you don’t like something, it definitely ends up on the floor. We’re working on not throwing things but you can be stubborn sometimes. 

In a couple of weeks, on mother’s day, we will be celebrating your 1st birthday with all of our family. I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you see your cousins. It’s going to be so much fun, my love! You’ve brought so much joy into my life and every day I am so proud to be your mommy!