33 weeks and counting

Dear Ravina,

We’re really in the home stretch now, girl… Every day I feel a little bigger, a little more heavy and round. You must be running out of room because I can feel you trying to expand…. stretch… I can feel your little jabs in the worst places but instead of wincing, I find myself smiling. Our doctor says that there is no such thing as feeling too much movement, so every time you flex your muscle, you flood me with relief. You erase my fears and bring me back to the present. You are a precious gift that I look forward to treasuring for the rest of my life.

Tomorrow morning your dad and I are going to the hospital for an ultrasound. I can’t believe this will be the first time he will see you in person. With our busy schedules it has been hard to coordinate doctor’s visits, but after every visit I show him your photo and watch him study it for several minutes. He is so excited to meet you, my love. I think by now you know his voice better than anyone else’s because whenever he leans in to speak to you, you get very excited and start kicking me furiously. A couple of days ago, you were very restless and wouldn’t stop moving until your dad spoke to you. Suddenly, you stopped kicking and settled down for the night. It was the sweetest thing ever.

Almost everything about this pregnancy has been routine. We have had our moments of worry, but just like the wave it crashes and retreats leaving us renewed. I’ve gained around 25lbs give or take a few and our doctor assures me that you’re growing on target in every way. I have constant heartburn and lower back pain, but, it’s all worth it to me as long as you’re thriving. As far as cravings go, all I want are sweets all day and night. Luckily, I passed my glucose test so I don’t have to worry too much. I haven’t exactly been eating the healthiest lately, but you seem to be doing okay. We have another 6 weeks to go… and I’m savoring every day with you inside me. You are my tough little girl and I know you will get here strong and healthy.


Every time I think of you, I think of the color green, lush and lively. I get an overwhelming sense of peace, like I know you are going to be fine no matter what. I felt the same peace with your brother, though he was a calm baby for the most part. His color was orange. You, I suspect, will be much different. Your energy is strong, determined and purposeful. I can relate to your sense of urgency but I hope you will allow me to soothe you when you are in my arms. I’m so grateful that you have chosen me to be your mother… I suspect we have so much to learn from each other!

Until we meet…


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