This is us…

7.07pm, both kids are asleep and I foolishly think to myself, what a great evening! I have a ton of work to catch up on so I log in excitedly.

7.15pm, I text my husband proudly to tell him the same. The baby eats around 8pm so I know I have a small window to get going.

7.43pm, the baby wakes up crying. I head downstairs to make her a bottle and as I’m coming up the stairs, I hear the toddler calling for me… Mommy, mommy and suddenly he’s at the door banging away. Minutes ago he was dead asleep. I put the bottle down and go in to check on him. He starts screaming ‘Pees’ ‘Pees’. So, I rush him to the potty and he seems content just sitting on the potty with a book. I run upstairs to get the baby and put her in the packnplay. She’s screaming bloody murder because she’s hungry but I can’t feed her until the toddler is off the potty. I get him off, clean him up and take him upstairs to bed. He doesn’t want to sleep and bangs on the door again. I go downstairs and start feeding the baby.

8.21pm, I text my husband, “I spoke too soon” and fill him in on what’s happening. He says to not let our toddler cry too much because he’s already sick… I’m torn. I have to feed the baby something because she has been crying for 30 mins while the toddler was doing his pees routine. I let her drink 2oz. before going back and checking on him. He starts screaming pees again so I rush him downstairs to the potty. He just wants to sit on the potty and read a book. That rascal! Baby is screaming at the top of her lungs so I pick her up and start feeding her standing in the hallway while watching the toddler on the potty. Then she has the biggest blowout which comes up on her onesie and on to my sleeves. I put her down in the packnplay to change her. Literally, I turn my back for a minute and I hear a thud and the toddler is on the floor, face down crying hysterically. He has tried to jump off and somehow managed to fall flat on his face. I’m covered in poo it’s on my sleeves and I’ve just undone the baby’s diaper. I run to him and try to console him. Thankfully, he’s okay but his penis looks red. I ask him if it hurts and I touch it, he’s not wincing so I think it’s okay. I wash my hands, I wash his face and hands, take him to the couch and get his diaper on. Then, clean the baby, wipe down the packnplay and run upstairs to get her a new onesie, change her. I check the toddler out head to toe, pushing and squeezing everywhere to see if anything hurts, again, thankfully he seems okay.

8.42pm, I take them both upstairs, finish feeding the baby standing up while the toddler does circles around my legs. Finally get her down and then rock the toddler, then rub his back until he FINALLY falls asleep. Then the baby wakes up, so I rock her again until she passes out.

9.14pm, I finally walk out of the room after an hour and a half of absolutely insanity! And, I still have sooo much work to do…

9.17pm I text my husband and fill him in. He texts back, “Omg, I’m so sorry. Is his penis okay? You need to blog this!”

Ravina- 2 Months Old

Dearest One,

I am soooo late in writing this update, so I’ll keep it short. You are starting to come into your own and every day revealing a little bit more of your personality. From what I’ve noticed, you have a temper. You go from 0 to 100 in record time, but you also calm down quickly. Your sleep and eating patterns have been all over the place, but we’re working on finding a rhythm and routine. At your 2 month check up, you weighed 10.2lbs and measured 23 inches long. I cried a little when I put away your newborn clothes…

We celebrated Halloween as a family. You were the most adorable Princess Leia!!! You caught a bad cold from me towards the end of the month so your immunization shots were delayed, but you’re trying to be as cheerful as can be. I’ll write more next week when we celebrate your 3rd month on this planet!

Until then…


Your Mom!