Ravina- 2 Months Old

Dearest One,

I am soooo late in writing this update, so I’ll keep it short. You are starting to come into your own and every day revealing a little bit more of your personality. From what I’ve noticed, you have a temper. You go from 0 to 100 in record time, but you also calm down quickly. Your sleep and eating patterns have been all over the place, but we’re working on finding a rhythm and routine. At your 2 month check up, you weighed 10.2lbs and measured 23 inches long. I cried a little when I put away your newborn clothes…

We celebrated Halloween as a family. You were the most adorable Princess Leia!!! You caught a bad cold from me towards the end of the month so your immunization shots were delayed, but you’re trying to be as cheerful as can be. I’ll write more next week when we celebrate your 3rd month on this planet!

Until then…


Your Mom!

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