Love is a verb…

What do you want for Christmas, I asked him while putting away the baby’s clothes… I want to get married, he said without hesitating. We locked eyes and I knew in that moment that this was the man I would spend the rest of my life with.

Marriage was the furthest thing from my mind.. Having been through my share of heartbreaks, I wasn’t exactly jumping at the suggestion either. In many of my previously failed relationships, I had the feeling that I was the one pulling all the weight and when I no longer could, they had ended sadly without a lot of fuss. I wasn’t interested in having a husband, no thank you. I already had a wonderful partner who supported me in every single way. We were a team and everything we had was because of it.

But, when the man you love and the father of your child(ren) tells you he wants something so earnestly, you have to give it some serious thought… So, that’s what I did. While marriage was not important to me, it was to him and I had to know why. What would being married provide that we already didn’t have? His answer was simple… It would make us feel safe, he said. I want Lelan to know that his parents are married and committed. I could’ve argued with him, but for some reason I didn’t. It was the least I could do.

A few days later, on my 40th birthday, we went to the courthouse to apply for a marriage license. The next day I called around to find a local judge who was available to marry us the following week. We found our rings on short notice on Etsy. I ordered a lace blush dress on Rent the Runway and my partner found a blue velvet blazer on Amazon. Everything was falling into place. The only thing left was to decide who would be our witnesses. We could ask your family, I said. It wouldn’t be fair if my family were there and not yours, he said. Deep down I felt the same way. So, we asked a couple of friends instead.

On Friday, December 23rd at 9am we arrived at the local courthouse with our son to become husband and wife. The ceremony was sweet and short as our son watched curiously. He made cooing noises at various points during the vows, making us giggle. Our friends Kevin and Liz took photos and signed their names as our witnesses. It all happened so fast, a fleeting gift, that we barely had any time to register it all. But, it was exactly as it was meant to be.

This is love, pure and simple. This is the eternal test of how much life we can handle. How far we are willing to go for each other and how much we can bend to the evolving needs of our family, without breaking. Some people might think that we didn’t honor the tradition of marriage by eloping, but we are building our lives the old-fashioned way one day at a time, by finding the magic in the most unlikely moments, by being present and listening to each other’s needs. I haven’t lost my partner… I’ve just gained a husband!

It has been 6 months since this day and I still can’t stop smiling. I feel fulfilled in so many ways. My husband, my son and my soon to arrive daughter remind me every single day that love truly is a verb…

100 days of Ravina


My pregnancy app reminded me that I have less than a 100 days until I meet my daughter. Let that sink in for a minute, because I can’t seem to wrap my head around it. Where did the time go? Much of this pregnancy has been a blur. Am I glowing? I don’t know, you tell me! I’m sleeping less and eating on the go, all while chasing after a toddler but somehow, I have more energy than the first time around. My hair is messy but my sink is clean, I even empty the dishwasher regularly, but don’t even ask me about showering… I’m a full-time mom with a full-time job, growing another human being who is due in less than 100 days!

At work on Monday, a friend asked me how I was feeling. Great, I replied. How’s the little guy? His days are numbered, she joked. For a minute I didn’t understand what she meant. And then I understood… Lelan will no longer be an only child come September. But, the truth is I’ve always known that would be his reality. Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to have children closer in age. Honestly, I don’t have any hard feelings about robbing his one on one time with us on this planet. I also don’t think our bond will be jeopardized because of baby #2. Sure, there will be hard days ahead, but our son is a secure little guy and we will help him learn to adjust with change, to cope with disappointments and coexist with another, equally important, human in his life. If I have any guilt at all it is that I haven’t celebrated my second pregnancy enough. With Lelan, I blogged about my progress frequently and obsessed over the tiniest developments. But with Ravina, I’ve barely written a word. I have to look at my app to find out how far along I am. I find myself talking to her constantly, but sitting down to record this experience has been harder than I’d imagined. And now, I’ve barely a 100 days left to soak it all in.

As I write this, she is practicing her somersaults in my belly. She’s an active little thing, more so than I recall of her brother. It’s as if she’s kicking me often to say, hello remember me?! It’s a good quality, I think to myself. She’s strong and capable. She’s tough enough to withstand her brother’s occasional kicks. She won’t go unnoticed. Lelan has already started noticing her. We play a little game where I say, Hi Ravina and he rubs my belly. Mostly, I think he’s just interested in my belly button because of this book called Where’s baby’s belly button? He pokes it in and out and giggles. He has yet to feel her move, and I wonder if he will know what it means. But, I have never worried about him coping after the baby comes. Because, this was always his destiny. He was meant to be a big brother. He will learn to cope, just like the rest of us. He will come to love his little sister and their bond will be that much stronger because neither of them will remember a life without each other.

So, until it’s time to meet our darling little girl, I am going to write whenever the urge strikes, even if it is in the middle of the night. Her side of the nursery (yes, she will be sharing with her brother once she’s ready) is starting to take shape. It has already been vacated with a beautiful peacock mobile hanging above it. I’ve even bought a sweet baby blanket for her. Her closet is filling up with boxes of clothes from her generous cousin Johanna. I have yet to go through them, but it is starting to feel like we are better prepared for her than we were with Lelan. So, here’s to the last 100 days of being more relaxed and engaged than before. Since this will be my last pregnancy, it’s somewhat bittersweet, so here’s to making every single day count!



A floor bed adventure… 

I was 8 months pregnant with Lelan when I came across an interesting article about Montessori floor beds. Even though I was familiar with some of the Montessori principles, I had never considered a floor bed for my baby. I remember wondering if my partner would go for the idea but not much more else. Besides, my mother in law had already bought us a beautiful crib and it had taken center stage in our nursery.

So much of our parenting decisions have been influenced by our son. We wanted to nurture his unique nature from the moment he was born. A week long stint in the NICU must have toughened him up because he seemed so much more mature than any baby I’d ever known. He only cried when he needed to be fed or changed. He was content just being in the room with us, looking up at his Munari mobile and cooing quietly. He was sleeping 5 hours a night from the day we brought him home. At 5 weeks old we transitioned him to his crib from a bassinet in our room. He slept soundly through the night even though I was a wreck checking the monitor every 20 mins. At 7 weeks, he broke out of his swaddle and started sleeping without one. He was both alert and relaxed at the same time, which was quite fascinating to witness. He never liked being held, though he tolerated it most of the time. And as the weeks and months went by, we watched in awe as he became more and more independent and confident in his own skin.

When he was six months old, I mentioned the idea of putting a bed on the floor in the nursery to my partner. I’ll never forget the look of bewilderment on his face. I’ve never heard of anything like this, he said to me earnestly. Why can’t he sleep in the crib like other babies? It seemed like a fair question but I had no right answers, just a mother’s intuition. So I started compiling a list of reasons why this option made sense for our son…

  1. He is an independent child and the crib limits his independence.
  2. He could climb out of the crib and hurt himself as he was already trying to do.
  3. He kept getting his arms and legs caught up between the crib bars and waking himself up at night.
  4. He was also falling asleep standing on those nights when he couldn’t settle himself on his own.

But, all of my reasons were met with resistance and even my sister, who is usually on board with such ideas, thought I was rushing the transition. So, once again the idea was put on the back burner.

I guess this is a good place to stop and discuss our parenting philosophies. While I don’t profess to follow any one school of parenting, there are a couple of universal values that have resonated with me from early on. The main covenant in our household is RESPECT. Without respect you cannot have love. From the moment Lelan was born, he was an actual participant in any decision we made as a family. His needs, feelings and emotions were carefully weighed against whatever agenda we had in mind. By giving him the respect that he rightfully deserves, we are enjoying watching him develop into a peaceful, alert, engaged and self-confident child. Coincidentally, this is also the basis of RIE (Resource for Infant Educators) parenting.

According to Janet Lansbury, a proponent of RIE theory, in her essay What your baby can’t tell you,  “One of the most profound lessons I’ve learned since becoming a mom– reinforced by observing hundreds of other parents and babies interact- is that there is a self-fulfilling prophecy to the way we view our babies. If we believe them to be helpless, needy (albeit lovely) creatures, their behavior will confirm those beliefs. Alternatively, if we see our infants as capable, intelligent, responsive people ready to participate in life, initiate activity, receive and return our efforts to communicate with them, then we find that they are all of those things.

A second concept we strive for in our day-to-day is freedom and/or autonomy. Each of us have our own path to forge in life in which we must feel empowered to create our own destiny. This is true especially for babies. They need to feel free to explore their inner urgings within the limits of consistency and order. This is the basic tenet of the Montessori movement. One of my favorite quotes from Maria Montessori is “Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” I remember the first time Lelan ate from a mesh feeder. I simply clipped it to his bib and watched him feed himself. He was barely 6 months old! It was eye opening to say the least. We have never forced him to do anything, not even eating. Thankfully, he’s an excellent eater! We’ve taken his lead on most of the issues that concern him and by allowing him to choose his own activities we’ve seen a dramatic improvement in his concentration over the things that truly interests him.

When Lelan was around 9 months, I broached the subject of the floor bed again with my partner. To my surprise he seemed genuinely interested in the idea. We both agreed that the room and its contents had to be safe for our little guy. That meant the room had to be completely child proofed. Our house is an old Cape so we decided that the bed should be placed in the dormer nook. It offered the best protection on all three sides, naturally. But the space itself was slightly irregular, so we had to order a custom 8 inch firm mattress from an online store. Oh, it’s so comfortable! We also ordered custom fitted sheets from an Etsy vendor due to the odd size. The only issue left to address was the proximity to the window… So, we came up with a simple idea to cover the entire wall with a blanket to camouflage the window. Then we placed a teepee behind and over the bed, wedging the legs deeply on either side of mattress. Light still floods through the window, but it’s filtered and soft. We added a few throw pillows and plush toys around the teepee to make it more cozy. Overall, the bed turned out more fun than we had ever imagined. Ta-da!

Next, it was time to child proof the room from Lelan’s point of view. We secured all the drawers, cabinets and closet doors with locks and bolted the furniture to the wall. All the cords were neatly organized and the rusty baseboard covers were replaced. When we brought Lelan into his room, he was so excited about his big boy bed. He immediately crawled over and started playing in it. That afternoon, we tried letting him sleep in his bed. At first he didn’t understand that the bed was meant for sleeping. He was obsessed with the teepee, using sides to pull himself up. He thought the whole setup was another play area, which caused us a moment of doubt. But, we couldn’t give up just yet. We kept letting him fall asleep in the crib before moving him back to the bed. This went on for a few days because we didn’t want to rush him in any way. Soon our smart boy caught on to the idea and one day, he just crawled over to the bed around nap time and proceeded to fall asleep without any prompting.  A few days later we decided to try letting him sleep through the night. That night, Lelan went to sleep in his big boy bed without a fuss. I, on the other hand, was a wreck again imagining him getting out of bed and somehow getting hurt, but he was just fine and has continued to sleep in his bed ever since!

In the end, my intuition turned out to be right! Lelan has the perfect temperment for sleeping on a floor bed. And, I’m glad I waited until my partner was on board with the idea. Lelan has complete control over whether he wants to sleep or not. And, it’s great to see him learning to self regulate… Don’t get me wrong, he does have his off days where he doesn’t want to sleep at all, but there’s usually an underlying cause, like teething, overstimulation or other illness which brings it on. On those days, we just let him play in his room on his own until he’s ready for bed. It’s really cute to watch him in the monitor playing with his toys on his bed. When he’s ready, he usually calls for us to come rock him and is out within minutes.

Are you considering a floor bed for your child? What are some of your concerns? Feel free to share… and thank you for reading!

Lelan is a Wild One!

20170427_143953It has been a couple of weeks since our son’s birthday and we’re still reeling from the excitement of it. We decided to celebrate this special day with our most dear family and friends in North Carolina. It was a way for all of us to be together and it worked out better than we had imagined it.

The day started out very early for our little guy with a special ceremony, Ayush Homam.

Homams are Pujas (religious ceremony) performed for a particular deity by invoking Agni, the god of fire. The Sun is considered as the main source of energy, and fire is considered as a representation of the Sun’s energy. According to the ancient texts on Homams, any offer to Fire as a god, is actually an offer to Sun. Any such offer is done either to enrich energy or to destroy the undesirable elements in the environment, and thus, in both ways, environment is protected. Like Pujas, Homams are also believed to be one of the greatest ritual in Hindu religion. The word Ayusha means Age. The Ayusha homam is performed by learned Pandit for long life and removal of obstacles. The Ayusha homam is done to worship the god of life. By doing this homam, one gets long life blessings from Ayur Devata.

Lelan sat through most of the ceremony thanks to the snacks in my dad’s pocket. He was particularly fascinated with the voice of the pandit performing the puja. My mom bought him a cute outfit which he changed into later. The best part was that she also bought his cousin Madden a matching outfit and the two of them were as cute as can be!


Following the ceremony, we headed back to my sister’s house to set up for the party. Lelan was exhausted from the travel and took one of the longest naps he’s ever taken- a whopping 3 hours- which gave us plenty of time to set up. As our family and friends started to trickle in, the excitement was undeniable. Since Lelan has been obsessed with his teepee at home, my sister bought one for him especially for the party. The minute he saw it filled with balloons, he started beaming. He had so much fun chasing balloons across the room. Thankfully, none of them burst in his hands. My family took care of ordering all the food and decorations for the occasion. All we had to do was show up with our baby boy and enjoy the festivities, making it absolutely stress-free.


After about an hour of mingling, it was time for cake! Lelan had no trouble figuring out what he was supposed to do. Even before the birthday song was over, he was digging into that thing like a pro. His sweet cousin Johanna came over to help him but he was having none of it. haha! I was able to find a special bakery that makes a darn good sugar-free cake and had zero guilt about our son going to town with it!


My only regret of the day is not having a group photo with my entire family, but there were so many unforgettable moments throughout the day that more than make up for it.



We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day of our family! It was one of the happiest days of my life!

Happy birthday, sweet Lelan! You are so loved by so many people! Here’s to many, many, many more!!!

Baby Lelan- 11 Months! 

My little angel, 

You are almost a year old! You are almost walking and talking. You are transforming into a little boy right in front of my eyes and it’s been a real treat to watch. I can’t tell you where this year went, but I can tell you for certain that your dad and I have grown exponentially, along with you. We’re a fully functioning family unit and better humans because of you. 

You’re the happiest child I’ve ever met. I hope you never change who you are. You have finally found your voice. You let us know when something doesn’t suit you. You grunt and whine when you don’t get your way. You laugh heartily and babble constantly. You sing. You coo. You are just the coolest baby ever! Yet for a baby, you’re extremely reasonable at times. I find myself talking to you like an adult and you listen. When you work yourself up into a tizzy, I let you cry until you feel better and count to 3 and most of the time you stop crying. Sometimes, you are not ready to calm down and that’s okay too. The crying never bothers me because it’s not an everyday thing. I will always encourage you to express yourself. But, at the same time I want to help you learn to control your emotions, a lesson I didn’t learn until much later in life. 

You love to bounce, my little Tigger! Whether on your knees or holding on to something, lately that’s all you’ve been doing. You also love kicking a soccer ball. You get hysterical when we play with you and the sound of your laughter fills the entire house! You walk with a walker. You live musical toys. You’re always banging on things and creating beats. I wonder if you’ll be a drummer, like your papa? You are still really into books! We read to you every day and you have been responding amaziny! You know the words to all the books we read. You even know all the gestures and sounds. You’ve been mimicking everything we say, lately…  

We’ve transitioned you to 1 nap and it’s been working out great. You sleep through the night and take a 2hr nap in the middle of the day usually between 11-1pm. You eat 3 solid meals a day and we’re working on weaning you off formula. You insist on feeding yourself! You used to eat with your hands but since last week you’ve been trying with a spoon. You’re not a picky eater but if you don’t like something, it definitely ends up on the floor. We’re working on not throwing things but you can be stubborn sometimes. 

In a couple of weeks, on mother’s day, we will be celebrating your 1st birthday with all of our family. I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you see your cousins. It’s going to be so much fun, my love! You’ve brought so much joy into my life and every day I am so proud to be your mommy! 


Things I never told you…

I’ve been keeping secrets from you for some time now… I’ve often come here to work out my issues, but this time I needed to sit with it. Let it sink in. Let is grow before I could let it out. I’m pregnant again! It’s not that I didn’t want to share the good news right away, but this pregnancy has not been without its challenges and I needed some time to process the questions themselves before I could put them down in words.

It all started back in January when I found myself staring down at a pregnancy test with the word PREGNANT staring back at me. It was 8 days before my missed period. Two long weeks later, I heard my baby’s heartbeat at the doctor’s office. I was barely 6 weeks pregnant. The decision to have another baby was something I had thought long and hard about. Given my age, my options were narrow, but having children closer in age was something I had always wanted. Little did I know that things would happen so quickly…

As with my previous pregnancy, the first trimester was a smooth ride. There was hardly any morning sickness or fatigue to complain about. I even joked to my husband that some days I barely remember being pregnant. Everything was going exactly as I had experienced with my son. Around the 3 month mark, we decided to opt for genetic testing just as we had done previously. Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) is a prenatal test in which a sample of chorionic villi is removed from the placenta for analysis. It is usually done between weeks 10 and 13 of pregnancy — earlier than other prenatal diagnostic tests, such as amniocentesis. Chorionic villus sampling can reveal whether a baby has any chromosomal abnormalities. CVS is an invasive, elective procedure that’s not for everyone. But, for a control freak like me, it was a no brainer.

The test is not for the faint of heart. If you’re squeamish about needles, stop reading here. A long hollow needle is inserted into the placenta, either vaginally or through the abdomen, and a small sample of the chorionic villi is drawn out. It sounds a lot more scary than it really is. The whole procedure lasted about 15 mins, but the genetics counseling portion of the visit took up to an hour. Having been through this before, my husband and I arrived at the doctor’s office fairly relaxed. We met with the genetics counselor (GC) to go over our history and settled into the procedure room for the test. The doctor came in and after a quick ultrasound, a long thin needle was inserted into my abdomen, as we watched live on the screen, a small sample was collected for analysis. That was it. I was given instructions to stay off my feet for the next 24 hours and a few other restrictions for 48 hours and sent home. Everything was looking good so far.

Most genetic testing offers 2 types of results… Within a day, we could get preliminary FISH results which would give us a snapshot of the genetic makeup. These results were 90-98% accurate, followed by a full karotype analysis within 10-14 days. So, the next day I called the GC to see if our FISH results were available… She said she would call us as soon as she heard back from the lab. An hour later, my doctor called back with some not so great news. It turns out that the FISH results were inconclusive. It showed something very rare. Half the cells were normal while the other half showed 4 copies. There’s a name for this condition… Mosaic Tetraploidy. He said not to worry as he thought it was a likely a lab error and to wait for the full analysis to come in, which could take up to 10 days. Also, our ultrasounds had been near perfect, showing nothing abnormal- a very encouraging sign!

Tetraploidy is a condition in which cells contain four complete sets of chromosomes. Instead of having 46 chromosomes organized into 23 pairs of 2, tetraploid cells have 92 chromosomes organized into 23 sets of 4. Typically, tetraploidy is found in all cells resulting in an early miscarriage. As of early 2016 there have only been a few cases reported in the medical literature of live born infants with tetraploidy. The longest reported surviving infant lived to be 26 months old and experienced severe physical and developmental problems. In some cases, tetraploidy is only present in some, but not all, of the cells in a fetus or live born baby. This situation is referred to as mosaicism.

As scary as it was to hear those words, strangely, at that moment I was very calm. I didn’t panic or get upset. Call it mother’s intuition or wishful thinking, but I knew that my baby was okay. Whatever life had in store for us, we would deal with it as best as we could. Still, waiting for another 10 days to know for sure proved to be extremely difficult. Thanks to the support of a couple of good girlfriends and my family, I made it through. It’s during times like this that we really get to see who is in our corner. All it takes is a phone call, or text to say,  hey I’m thinking about you. I’m beyond grateful for those people who checked in on us often. About a week later, I got another call from the genetics counselor and this time, the news wasn’t any better. The full analysis showed the same abnormality… I was so convinced that everything was going to be okay that the news hit me like a brick.

Are you sure? I asked the genetics counselor and she said no, we’re not sure. That answer threw me for a loop. Our recommendation is amniocentesis in a couple of weeks, she added. You see, there was a possibility that the abnormality found in CVS was contained within the placenta and the baby was just fine. There’s a name for this… Confined Placental Mosaicism (CPM).

CPM is a condition characterized by the discrepancy between the chromosomal/genetic makeup of the baby and placenta. Genetic and chromosomal makeup of the placenta and fetus are almost always the same, because they both develop from the same egg. However, it is estimated that 1 in 50-100 women experience this condition due to some problems during cell division in the placenta. The prognosis is good with no fetal and maternal complications in a majority of the cases. Suddenly, I was hoping that I was one of these women.

Amniocentesis is yet another invasive procedure that allows your healthcare practitioner to gather information about your baby’s health from a sample of your amniotic fluid. This is the fluid that surrounds your baby in the uterus. It is usually done when a woman is between 16 and 20 weeks pregnant. This meant I had to wait for another 3 weeks before I could schedule the test and likely another week more to get the results. I was starting to dread the wait even more than before. Still, I had a ray of hope to cling to and my faith was strong.

3 weeks later, my husband and I went in and met with the GC yet again. This time, our visit was brief. Then, back to the examination room where the doctor reassured us that our baby was going to be just fine. The procedure was quick and we were sent home with stronger instructions to stay in bed for a couple of days and absolutely no lifting anything over 10 lbs for the next week. That meant, I couldn’t pick up my baby boy, which was probably the hardest thing I’ve had to do. The next day, we heard from the GC that our FISH results were normal, which is 98% accurate. 10 days later we got our full panel analysis which confirmed the FISH results, which meant that most likely everything is okay with our little GIRL. Finally, we could breathe a sigh of relief.

2017-04-16_20.38.10Throughout this ordeal, I scoured the internet looking for articles, testimonials from others who have been through this and couldn’t find much info. I thought long and hard about posting this, but if my story helps someone out there, then maybe my suffering was not in vain. Last Christmas, as I wrapped presents for my little nieces one little item caught my eye. It was a delicate pink hair clip. I don’t know what came over me, but I saved it in my nightstand. I have looked at that little clip every day since I found out I was pregnant. On those nights when I couldn’t sleep, not knowing what was happening to my little girl, I would hold that clip in my hand for reassurance. Some days, when my anxiety got the better of me I would clip it to my bra, holding it close to my heart. It’s such an insignificant item, but to me this little hair clip is the closest thing to my baby girl. Every time, I feel her move I’m reminded of how fragile life is and how incredibly lucky we are to have such a blessing. I cannot wait to bring her home wearing this clip.

If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to ask… I’m not a medical professional, but I can share with you what I’ve learned based on our experiences. For anyone out there going through something similar, please know that there is always hope. In the words of Rumi, Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.

Baby Lelan- 10 Months!

My Dearest,

As I write this, you’re 10.5 months old! You are a curious and interesting little kid. I could spend all day with you without getting bored or tired of you. You are fascinated with the world around you and your daddy and I are fascinated with you. 

You are not a typical 10 month old. You are advanced… and I’m not just saying that because I’m your mom. Your attention span and focus is probably the differentiator. If you are interested in something, you will take your time to figure it out. If we give you a toy that makes sound, you turn it over and over and investigate until you are satisfied with whatever it is that you’re looking for. If we show you how to do something, you pick it up right away. Papa taught you how to drum on the table and you started doing it right away. You watch baby Einstein and mimic the actions that follow. When we read books to you, you know what’s on the next page. Your face lights up in anticipation and it’s one of my favorite day to day moments with you. You’re a bright little star, full of curiosity. You love music. When a good song comes on, you’ll drop everything and focus on the notes. It’s been amazing watching the world through your eyes!
You LOVE to laugh… Your belly laughs are so contagious! I can still make you laugh like no other, which is one of my greatest accomplishments. Lately, your personality has started changing… Even though you’re still easy going in general, you have started asserting yourself in certain areas. For some reason, you detest being changed. You would rather stay in your wet diaper than be changed. I don’t think it’s attributed to any fears. I really think you’re just too fascinated with the world to be bothered. You still love baths, but lately you’ve started throwing a tantrum when I lay you in the bath. I haven’t figured out why, but as long as you’re sitting up, you’re having a blast. You love to splash around in the water. Some nights the whole floor is wet and I have to mop it up, but it’s soooo worth seeing you bliss-ed out!

You are still a good eater. We give you whatever we’re having and you eat without a fuss. Macaroni and cheese, bread, waffles, oatmeal, steamed carrots and broccoli, rice, yogurt and spinach pies are some of your favorites. You will eat any type of fruit in front of you. When you like something you loudly smack your lips and make the cutest face! We’ve taken you to a few restaurants and you’ve been very good. You loved the south Indian restaurant and ate pretty much everything that we ate. Surprisingly, you can handle spicy food, but I’m only giving you bits and pieces even if you beg for more. Another cute thing you do is scoot next to me when I’m eating and give me those puppy dog eyes. No matter what it is, you want a bite bites. Same goes with whatever I’m drinking. You love to drink out of my cup. You still LOVE formula and diluted coconut juice. 

You’re sleeping well these days. You had a tough time a few weeks back when you were teething, but it seemed to have slowed down a bit. You’ve started sleeping in your big boy bed! The transition had gone a lot easier than we had expected. There are still days when I rock you to sleep though, but I don’t mind it one bit. We’re going through a nap transition and still figuring out whether you’re ready for 1 nap, but for now we’re sticking with 2 naps a day. Your balance has improved greatly, but you’re still not walking on your own. You’re babbling a lot but no distinct words yet. We’re in no rush, my angel. Whenever you’re ready… 

Our lives have slipped into a sweet rhythm with you and belive it or not, you’re the one keeping the beat. We adore you to bits. There’s no love greater than the one you have for a child, and you are exceeding every threshold within my soul. 

I’m always here for you, my sweet angel…